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Dialing Syria  & Syria  country code

Country Code for Syria : 963

When calling to Syria  from USA or Canada dial 011 + 963+ Area code + 6 or 9 digit number.

If you are using our services all there are several ways to make calls.

  1. Easiest way is to setup Hot Dial for each of your Syria  number. Click here to setup Hot dial
  2. Create speed dial for each of your Syria  number. Click here to setup Speed dial
  3. Dial our access number, enter your Syria  destination number and you are connected
Only for Land line or fixed numbers
Aleppo 21 Deir Ezzour 51 Palmyra 34
Al Hasakah 52 Edleb 23 Quneitra 14
Al Rakkah 22 Hama 33 Swedaa 16
Damascus 11 Homs 31 Tartous 43
Dara 15 Lattakia 41